Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Documents

Titlesort descending Author(s) Year of Publication Subject(s)
Towards a Road Map for Mitigating the Rates and Occurrences of Long-Term Wellbore Leakage Dusseault, Maurice B.; Jackson, Richard E.; MacDonald, Daniel 2014 Economics; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Water
Toxic Effects of Chemicals Used in Hydraulic Fracturing Williamson, Lorna n.d. Chemicals; Energy ; Health; Industry
Unconventional Shale Gas Development and Real Estate Valuation Issues Lipscomb, Clifford A.; Wang, Yongsheng ; Kilpatrick, Sarah J. 2012 Development; Economics; Energy ; Industry; Real estate; Risk assessment
Underground Intelligence: The Need to Map, Monitor, and Manage Canada's Groundwater Resources in an Era of Drought and Climate Change Struzik, Ed 2013 Climate; Environment; Policy; Regulations; Water
Understanding Exposure from Natural Gas Drilling Puts Current Air Standards to the Test Brown, David ; Weinberger, Beth ; Lewis, Celia ; Bonaparte, Heather 2014 Air quality; Chemicals; Energy ; Health; Industry
Understanding Hydraulic Fracturing n.d. Chemicals; Energy ; Flowback; Fluids; Industry; Regulations
Unlocking the Potential: Economic Impact of Hydraulic Fracturing pf Oil and Gas Wells in New Zealand 2012 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Upstream Dialogue: The Facts on Natural Gas 2012 Economics; Energy ; Environment; Industry
US Shale Gas and Tight Oil Industry Performance: Challenges and Opportunities Sandrea, Ivan n.d. Economics; Energy ; Industry
Using Ethnography to Monitor the Community Health Implications of Onshore Unconventional Oil and Gas Developments: Examples from Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale Perry, Simona L. 2013 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Venting and Leaking of Methane from Shale Gas Development: Response to Cathles et al. Howarth, Robert W.; Santoro, Renee L.; Ingraffea, Anthony R. 2012 Climate; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Vertical Migration of Municipal Wastewater in Deep Injection Well Systems, South Florida, USA Maliva, Robert G.; Guo, Weixing ; Missimer, Thomas 2007 Communities; Environment; Waste water; Water
VOC Emissions from Oil and Condensate Storage Tanks Cuclis, Alex ; Hendler, A. ; Nunn, Jim ; Lundeen, Joe ; McKaskle, Ray 2006 Energy ; Industry
Water and Hydraulic Fracturing 2013 Energy ; Industry; Water
Water for the Millenium Development Goals n.d. Communities; Environment; Water
Water in a Changing World n.d. Communities; Environment; Water
Water Management Challenges Associated with the Production of Shale Gas by Hydraulic Fracturing Gregory, K. B.; Vidic, R. D.; Dzombak, D. A. 2011 Environment; Industry; Water
Water Pollution Risk Associated with Natural Gas Extraction from the Marcellus Shale Rozell, Daniel J.; Reaven, Sheldon J. 2012 Chemicals; Drinking water; Energy ; Environment; Fluids; Health; Industry; Policy; Waste water; Water
What Do We Know About Short and Long Term Effects of Early Life Exposure to Pollution? Currie, Janet ; Zivin, Joshua Graff; Mullins, Jamie ; Neidell, Matthew J. 2013 Economics; Environment; Health; Policy
What Does Oil and Natural Gas Mean to Nova Scotia's Economy and the Environment? 2014 Economics; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Will Natural Gas Fuel America in the 21st Century? Hughes, David 2011 Energy ; Health; Industry