Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Documents

Titlesort descending Author(s) Year of Publication Subject(s)
Shale gas: Surface Water Also at Risk Zeng, Guangming ; Chen, Ming ; Zeng, Zhuotong 2013 Chemicals; Environment; Fluids; Waste water; Water
Shalefield Stories 2014 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Something in the Water: Contaminated Drinking Water and Infant Health Currie, Janet ; Zivin, Joshua Graff; Meckel, Katherine ; Neidell, Matthew J.; Schlenker, Wolfram 2013 Environment; Health; Water
Sources, Pathways, and Relative Risks of Contaminants in Surface Water and Groundwater: a Perspective Prepared for the Walkerton Inquiry Ritter, Len ; Solomon, Keith ; Sibley, Paul ; Hall, Ken ; Keen, Patricia ; Mattu, Gevan ; Linton, Beth 2002 Animals; Chemicals; Drinking water; Environment; Health; Policy; Water
Support to the Identification of Potential Risks for the Environment and Human Health Arising from Hydrocarbons Operations Involving Hydraulic Fracturing in Europe Broomfield, Mark 2012 Energy ; Environment; Health; Hydrocarbons; Industry
Surface and Groundwater Contamination Associated with Modern Natural Gas Development 2014 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
Taking the Handle Off the Fracking Pump: Human Rights and the Role of Public Health Inquiry in an Age of Extreme Fossil Fuel Extraction Steingraber, Sandra 2012 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Water
The Boom: How Fracking Ignited the American Energy Revolution and Changed the World Gold, Russell 2014 Communities; Energy ; Industry
The Case for a Ban on Gas Fracking 2011 Economics; Energy ; Environment; Industry
The Economic Consequences of Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction: Key Issues Christopherson, Susan ; Rightor, Ned ; Kay, David ; Riha, Susan ; Rahm, Brian G.; Rumbach, Andrew ; Jacquet, Jeffrey ; Wilson, Amanda ; Morken, Lydia ; Randall, C.J. ; Lepori, Sara 2011 Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Economic Impact of Marcellus Shale in Northeastern Pennsylvania 2008 Communities; Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Economic Impact of Shale Gas Development on State and Local Economies: Benefits, Costs, and Uncertainties Barth, Jannette M. 2013 Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Economic Impact of Shale Gas Extraction: A Review of Existing Studies Kinnaman, Thomas C. 2011 Communities; Economics; Energy ; Industry; Policy
The Economic Impact of the Haynesville Shale on the Louisiana Economy in 2008 2009 Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Economic Impacts of the Pennsylvania Marcellus Shale Gas Play: An Update Considine, Timothy J.; Watson, Robert ; Blumsack, Seth 2010 Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Economic Value of Shale Natural Gas in Ohio Partridge, Mark ; Weinstein, Amanda 2011 Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Effects of Shale Gas Exploration and Hydraulic Fracturing on the Quality of Water Resources in the United States Vengosh, Avner ; Warner, Nathaniel R.; Jackson, Robert B.; Darrah, Tom 2013 Environment; Industry; Water
The Environmental and Occupational Health Impacts of High-Volume Hydraulic Fracturing of Unconventional Gas Reserves 2012 Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Policy
The Future of Fracking: New Rules Target Air Emissions for Cleaner Natural Gas Production Weinhold, Bob 2012 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Regulations
The Future of Oil Supply Miller, Richard G.; Sorrell, Steven R. 2014 Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Greenhouse Impact of Unconventional Gas for Electricity Generation Hultman, Nathan ; Rebois, Dylan ; Scholten, Michael ; Ramig, Christopher 2011 Economics; Energy ; Industry; Policy
The Implications of Climate Change on Water 2009 Climate; Environment; Water
The Implications of Unconventional Drilling for Natural Gas: a Global Public Health Concern Finkel, Madelon L.; Hays, J. 2013 Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Policy
The Importance of Public Health Agency Independence: Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling in Pennsylvania Goldstein, Bernard D. 2014 Communities; Environment; Health; Policy
The Modern Practices of Hydraulic Fracturing: A Focus on Canadian Resources 2012 Chemicals; Energy ; Fluids; Geology; Industry
The Nebraska Grout Study Ross, Jill 2010 Environment; Industry; Water
The New Brunswick Oil and Natural Gas Blueprint 2013 Economics; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Management
The Potential Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing on Drinking Water Resources: Progress Report 2012 Drinking water; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
The Potential Near-source Ozone Impacts of Upstream Oil and Gas Industry Emissions Olaguer, Eduardo P. 2012 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
The Proposed Natural Gas Royalties in New Brunswick: An Assessment Fitzgerald, Maggie ; Hill, Roderick ; Secord, Andrew 2012 Economics; Energy ; Industry
The Role of Ethics in Shale Gas Policies de Melo-Martín, Inmaculada ; Hays, Jake ; Finkel, Madelon L. 2014 Communities; Environment; Health; Policy
The Rush to Drill for Natural Gas: A Public Health Cautionary Tale Finkel, Madelon L.; Law, Adam 2011 Communities; Energy ; Health; Industry
The Shale Gas Boom and the Need for Rational Policy Finkel, Madelon L.; Hays, Jake ; Law, Adam 2013 Animals; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Policy
The Snipe Lake, Alberta Earthquake of March 8, 1970 Milne, W. G. 1970 Communities; Environment
The Social Costs of Fracking: A Pennsylvania Case Study 2013 Communities; Energy ; Health; Industry
The Sociological Analysis of Boom Towns Cortese, Charles F.; Jones, Bernie n.d. Communities; Energy ; Industry
The Utica Shale and Gas Play in Southern Quebec: Geological and Hydrogeological Syntheses and Methodological Approaches to Groundwater Risk Evaluation Lavoie, Denis ; Rivard, Christine ; Lefebvre, René ; Séjourné, Stephan ; Thériault, R. ; Duchesne, Mathieu ; Ahad, J. M.E.; Wang, B. ; Benoit, N. ; Lamontagne, Charles 2014 Drinking water; Energy ; Environment; Fluids; Hydrocarbons; Industry; Regulations; Water
Time Series EROI for Canadian Oil and Gas Poisson, Alexandre ; Hall, Charles A.S. 2013 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Tompkins County Community Impact Assessment: High Volume Hydraulic Fracturing 2011 Communities; Energy ; Industry
Toward a Better Understanding and Quantification of Methane Emissions from Shale Gas Development Caulton, Dana R.; Shepson, Paul B.; Santoro, Renee L.; Sparks, Jed P.; Howarth, Robert W.; Ingraffea, Anthony R.; Cambaliza, Maria O.L.; Sweeney, Colm ; Karion, Anna ; Davis, Kenneth J.; Stirm, Brian H.; Montzka, Stephen A.; Miller, Benjamin R. 2014 Climate; Energy ; Environment; Industry