Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Documents

Title Author(s) Year of Publicationsort descending Subject(s)
Something in the Water: Contaminated Drinking Water and Infant Health Currie, Janet ; Zivin, Joshua Graff; Meckel, Katherine ; Neidell, Matthew J.; Schlenker, Wolfram 2013 Environment; Health; Water
Enhanced Remote Earthquake Triggering at Fluid-Injection Sites in the Midwestern United States van der Elst, Nicholas J.; Savage, Heather M.; Keranen, Katie M.; Abers, Geoffrey A. 2013 Environment; Fluids; Industry
Quantifying Sources of Methane Using Light Alkanes in the Los Angeles Basin, California Peischl, J. ; Ryerson, Thomas B.; Brioude, J. ; Aikin, K. C.; Andrews, Arlyn E.; Atlas, E. ; Blake, D. ; Daube, B. C.; de Gouw, J. A.; Dlugokencky, Ed J.; Frost, G. J.; Gentner, D. R.; Gilman, J. B.; Goldstein, A. H.; Harley, R. A.; Holloway, J. S.; Kofler, Jonathan ; Kuster, W. C.; Lang, Patricia M.; Novelli, Paul ; Santoni, G. W.; Trainer, Michael ; Wofsy, Steven C.; Parrish, D. D. 2013 Environment; Industry
Examining the Feasibility of Converting New York State’s All-purpose Energy Infrastructure to One Using Wind, Water, and Sunlight Jacobson, Mark Z.; Howarth, Robert W.; Delucchi, Mark A.; Scobie, Stan R.; Barth, Jannette M.; Dvorak, Michael J.; Klevze, Megan ; Katkhuda, Hind ; Miranda, Brian ; Chowdhury, Navid A.; Jones, Rick ; Plano, Larsen ; Ingraffea, Anthony R. 2013 Air quality; Climate; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy
Analysis of Reserve Pit Sludge from Unconventional Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing and Drilling Operations for the Presence of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) Rich, Alisa L.; Crosby, Ernest C. 2013 Energy ; Industry; NORMS; Water
Impact of Shale Gas Development on Regional Water Quality Vidic, R. D.; Brantley, S. L.; Vandenbossche, J. M.; Yoxtheimer, D. ; Abad, J. D. 2013 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Waste water; Water
The Effects of Shale Gas Exploration and Hydraulic Fracturing on the Quality of Water Resources in the United States Vengosh, Avner ; Warner, Nathaniel R.; Jackson, Robert B.; Darrah, Tom 2013 Environment; Industry; Water
Investigating Links between Shale Gas Development and Health Impacts Through a Community Survey Project in Pennsylvania Steinzor, Nadia ; Subra, Wilma ; Sumi, Lisa 2013 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Fracking by the Numbers: Key Impacts of Dirty Drilling at the State and National Level Ridlington, Elizabeth ; Rumpler, John 2013 Air quality; Drinking water; Environment; Health; Water
Anthropogenic Emissions of Methane in the United States Miller, Scot M.; Wofsy, Steven C.; Michalak, Anna M.; Kort, Eric A.; Andrews, Arlyn E.; Biraud, Sebastien C.; Dlugokencky, Ed J.; Eluszkiewicz, Janusz ; Fischer, Marc L.; Janssens-Maenhout, Greet ; Miller, Benjamin R.; Miller, John B.; Montzka, Stephen A.; Nehrkorn, Thomas ; Sweeney, Colm 2013 Animals; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Science and Politics of Shale Gas Extraction Bamberger, Michelle ; Oswald, Robert E. 2013 Energy ; Industry; Policy
Environmental Protection Agency Needs to Improve Air Emissions Data for the Oil and Natural Gas Production Sector 2013 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Industry
What Do We Know About Short and Long Term Effects of Early Life Exposure to Pollution? Currie, Janet ; Zivin, Joshua Graff; Mullins, Jamie ; Neidell, Matthew J. 2013 Economics; Environment; Health; Policy
Potentially Induced Earthquakes in Oklahoma, USA: Links Between Wastewater Injection and the 2011 Mw 5.7 Earthquake Sequence Keranen, Katie M.; Savage, Heather M.; Abers, G. A.; Cochran, E. S. 2013 Environment; Fluids; Industry
An Evaluation of Water Quality in Private Drinking Water Wells Near Natural Gas Extraction Sites in the Barnett Shale Formation Fontenot, Brian E.; Hunt, Laura R.; Hildenbrand, Zacariah L.; Carlton, Doug D.; Oka, Hyppolite ; Walton, Jayme L.; Hopkins, Dan ; Osorio, Alexandra ; Bjorndal, Bryan ; Hu, Qinhong H.; Schug, Kevin A. 2013 Drinking water; Energy ; Industry; Natural gas; Water
Histopathological Analysis of Fish from Acorn Fork Creek, Kentucky, Exposed to Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Releases Papoulias, Diana M.; Velasco, Anthony L. 2013 Animals; Environment; Fluids; Water
Fracking in BC: A Public Health Concern Benusic, Michael A. 2013 Communities; Drinking water; Energy ; Health; Industry; Water
Folk Beliefs and Fracking Schwartz, Franklin W. 2013 Energy ; Industry; Water
Historical Analysis of Oil and Gas Well Plugging in New York: Is the Regulatory System Working? Bishop, Ronald E. 2013 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Oil; Regulations
Analysis of BTEX Groundwater Concentrations from Surface Spills Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Gross, S. ; Avens, H. ; Banducci, A. ; Sahmel, J. ; Panko, J. ; Tvermoes, B. 2013 Energy ; Groundwater; Industry; Water
Is Shale Gas Drilling an Energy Solution or Public Health Crisis? Rafferty, Margaret A.; Limonik, Elena 2013 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Policy; Water
Induced Seismicity Potential in Energy Technologies 2013 Energy ; Environment; Industry
Navigating Medical Issues in Shale Territory Saberi, Pouné 2013 Energy ; Health; Industry
The Social Costs of Fracking: A Pennsylvania Case Study 2013 Communities; Energy ; Health; Industry
Using Ethnography to Monitor the Community Health Implications of Onshore Unconventional Oil and Gas Developments: Examples from Pennsylvania's Marcellus Shale Perry, Simona L. 2013 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Drilling California: A Reality Check on the Monterey Shale Hughes, David 2013 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Overview of Water Protection Measures for the Oil and Natural Gas Industry in New Brunswick 2013 Communities; Drinking water; Energy ; Environment; Fluids; Industry; Water
Hydraulic Fracturing and Brook Trout Habitat in the Marcellus Shale Region: Potential Impacts and Research Needs Weltman-Fahs, Maya ; Taylor, Jason M. 2013 Animals; Chemicals; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Water
Environmental and Health Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing of Unconventional Gas Reserves 2013 Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Occupational Exposures to Respirable Crystalline Silica During Hydraulic Fracturing Esswein, Eric J.; Breitenstein, Michael ; Snawder, John ; Kiefer, Max ; Sieber, Karl 2013 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Exaggerating the Employment Impacts of Shale Drilling: How and Why Mauro, Frank ; Wood, Michael ; Mattingly, Michele ; Price, Mark ; Herzenberg, Stephen ; Ward, Sharon 2013 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Guide for Determining Hydrometric, Climate and Water Quality Monitoring Standards for Oil and Gas Operators 2013 Climate; Energy ; Industry; Water
Risks to Biodiversity from Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas in the Marcellus and Utica shales Kiviat, Erik 2013 Animals; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
Flaring Up: North Dakota Natural Gas Flaring More Than Doubles in Two Years Salmon, Ryan ; Logan, Andrew 2013 Energy ; Flaring; Industry
Community-Based Risk Assessment of Water Contamination from High-Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Penningroth, Stephen M.; Yarrow, Matthew M.; Figueroa, Abner X.; Bowen, Rebecca J.; Delgado, Soraya 2013 Communities; Energy ; Groundwater; Industry; Water
Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania Warner, Nathaniel R.; Christie, Cidney A.; Jackson, Robert B.; Vengosh, Avner 2013 Energy ; Industry; Waste water; Water
Geochemical and Isotopic Variations in Shallow Groundwater in Areas of the Fayetteville Shale Development, North-Central Arkansas Warner, Nathaniel R.; Kresse, Timothy M.; Hays, Phillip D.; Down, Adrian ; Karr, Jonathan D.; Jackson, Robert B.; Vengosh, Avner 2013 Chemicals; Drinking water; Environment; Industry; Water
Evaluation of Methane Sources in Groundwater in Northeastern Pennsylvania Molofsky, Lisa J.; Connor, John A.; Wylie, Albert S.; Wagner, Tom ; Farhat, Shahla K. 2013 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
Marcellus Shale Drilling's Impact on the Dairy Industry in Pennsylvania: A Descriptive Report Finkel, Madelon L.; Selegean, Jane ; Hays, Jake ; Kondamudi, Nitin 2013 Animals; Dairy industry; Energy ; Health; Industry
Underground Intelligence: The Need to Map, Monitor, and Manage Canada's Groundwater Resources in an Era of Drought and Climate Change Struzik, Ed 2013 Climate; Environment; Policy; Regulations; Water