Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Documents

Titlesort descending Author(s) Year of Publication Subject(s)
From Mud to Cement: Building Gas Wells 2003 Energy ; Industry
Gas fracking: Can We Safely Squeeze the Rocks? 2012 Climate; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Gas Patch Roulette: How Shale Gas Development Risks Public Health in Pennsylvania Steinzor, Nadia ; Subra, Wilma ; Sumi, Lisa 2012 Air quality; Communities; Energy ; Health; Industry; Water
Gassed: Citizen Investigation of Toxic Air Pollution from Natural Gas Development 2011 Air quality; Communities; Energy ; Health; Industry
Geochemical and Isotopic Variations in Shallow Groundwater in Areas of the Fayetteville Shale Development, North-Central Arkansas Warner, Nathaniel R.; Kresse, Timothy M.; Hays, Phillip D.; Down, Adrian ; Karr, Jonathan D.; Jackson, Robert B.; Vengosh, Avner 2013 Chemicals; Drinking water; Environment; Industry; Water
Geochemical Evaluation of Flowback Brine from Marcellus Gas Wells in Pennsylvania, USA Haluszczak, Lara O.; Rose, Arthur W.; Kump, Lee R. 2013 Environment; Fluids; Industry; Water
Geochemical evidence for possible natural migration of Marcellus Formation brine to shallow aquifers in Pennsylvania Warner, Nathaniel R.; Jackson, Robert B.; Darrah, Thomas H.; Osborn, Stephen G.; Down, Adrian ; Zhao, Kaiguang ; White, Alissa ; Vengosh, Avner 2012 Communities; Drinking water; Energy ; Flowback; Fluids; Industry; Water
Greenwashing Gas: Might a ‘Transition Fuel’ Label Legitimize Carbon-intensive Natural Gas Development? Stephenson, Eleanor ; Doukas, Alexander ; Shaw, Karena 2012 Climate; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy
Groundwater Protection and Unconventional Gas Extraction: The Critical Need for Field-Based Hydrogeological Research Gorody, A.w. ; Mayer, B. ; Roy, James W.; Ryan, M.c. ; Van Stempvoort, D.r. 2013 Chemicals; Energy ; Environment; Fluids; Hydrocarbons; Industry; Water
GSA CRITICAL ISSUE: HYDRAULIC FRACTURING n.d. Energy ; Environment; Regulations; Water
Guide for Determining Hydrometric, Climate and Water Quality Monitoring Standards for Oil and Gas Operators 2013 Climate; Energy ; Industry; Water
Hancock and The Marcellus Shale 2009 Energy ; Industry
Health Effects of 2-BE Colborn, Theo n.d. Animals; Drinking water; Energy ; Environment; Fluids; Health; Industry; Water
Health Survey Results of Current and Former DISH/Clark, Texas Residents Subra, Wilma 2009 Communities; Energy ; Health; Industry
Histopathological Analysis of Fish from Acorn Fork Creek, Kentucky, Exposed to Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Releases Papoulias, Diana M.; Velasco, Anthony L. 2013 Animals; Environment; Fluids; Water
Historical Analysis of Oil and Gas Well Plugging in New York: Is the Regulatory System Working? Bishop, Ronald E. 2013 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Oil; Regulations
Hormones and Endocrine-disrupting Chemicals: Low-dose Effects and Nonmonotonic Dose Responses Vandenberg, Laura N.; Colborn, Theo ; Hayes, Tyrone B.; Heindel, Jerrold J.; Jacobs, David R.; Lee, Duk-Hee ; Shioda, Toshi ; Soto, Ana M.; Saal, Frederick S. vom; Welshons, Wade V.; Zoeller, Thomas ; Myers, John Peterson 2012 Animals; Chemicals; Environment; Health
How Shale Gas Extraction Affects Drilling Localities: Lessons for Regional and City Policy Makers Christopherson, Susan ; Rightor, Ned 2012 Communities; Economics; Energy ; Industry; Policy; Regulations
How Should We Think About the Economic Consequences of Shale Gas Drilling? Christopherson, Susan ; Rightor, Ned 2011 Communities; Economics; Energy ; Industry; Water
Human Health Risk Assessment of Air Emissions from Development of Unconventional Natural Gas Resources McKenzie, Lisa M.; Witter, Roxana Z.; Newman, Lee S.; Adgate, John L. In Press Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Health; Hydrocarbons; Industry
Human Health Risks and Exposure Pathways of Proposed Horizontal Hydrofracking in New York State 2012 Communities; Environment; Health; Pollution
Hydraulic Fracturing & Water Stress: Water Demand by the Numbers Freyman, Monika 2014 Energy ; Industry; Water
Hydraulic Fracturing 101: What Every Representative, Environmentalist, Regulator, Reporter, Investor, University Researcher, Neighbor and Engineer Should Know About Estimating Frac Risk and Improving Frac Performance in Unconventional Gas and Oil Wells. King, George E. 2012 Energy ; Industry
Hydraulic Fracturing and Brook Trout Habitat in the Marcellus Shale Region: Potential Impacts and Research Needs Weltman-Fahs, Maya ; Taylor, Jason M. 2013 Animals; Chemicals; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Water
Hydraulic Fracturing and Water Resources: Separating the Frack from the Fiction Cooley, Heather ; Donnelly, Kristina 2012 Environment; Waste water; Water
Hydraulic Fracturing Threats to Species with Restricted Geographic Ranges in the Eastern United States Gillen, Jennifer L.; Kiviat, Erik 2012 Animals; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Hydraulic Fracturing: A Fisheries Biologist's Perspective Baccante, Dominic 2012 Animals; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
Hydrocarbon Emissions Characterization in the Colorado Front Range: A Pilot Study Pétron, Gabrielle ; Frost, Gregory ; Miller, Benjamin R.; Hirsch, Adam I.; Montzka, Stephen A.; Karion, Anna ; Trainer, Michael ; Sweeney, Colm ; Andrews, Arlyn E.; Miller, Lloyd ; Kofler, Jonathan ; Bar-Ilan, Amnon ; Dlugokencky, Ed J.; Patrick, Laura ; Moore, Charles T.; Ryerson, Thomas B.; Siso, Carolina ; Kolodzey, William ; Lang, Patricia M.; Conway, Thomas ; Novelli, Paul ; Masarie, Kenneth ; Hall, Bradley ; Guenther, Douglas ; Kitzis, Duane ; Miller, John B.; Welsh, David ; Wolfe, Dan ; Neff, William ; Tans, Pieter 2012 Air quality; Energy ; Hydrocarbons; Industry
Hydrofracking: The Need for Responsible Gas Drilling Regulation and the Role of Natural Gas Herman, Caroline ; Saad, Leila 2011 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Pollution; Water
Impact Assessment of Natural Gas Production in the New York City Water Supply Watershed 2009 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
Impact of Shale Gas Development on Regional Water Quality Vidic, R. D.; Brantley, S. L.; Vandenbossche, J. M.; Yoxtheimer, D. ; Abad, J. D. 2013 Communities; Environment; Industry; Water
Impact of Shale Gas Development on Regional Water Quality Vidic, R. D.; Brantley, S. L.; Vandenbossche, J. M.; Yoxtheimer, D. ; Abad, J. D. 2013 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Waste water; Water
Impacts of Gas Drilling on Human and Animal Health Bamberger, Michelle ; Oswald, Robert E. 2012 Animals; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Impacts of Shale Gas and Shale Oil Extraction on the Environment and on Human Health Lechtenböhmer, Stefan ; Altmann, Matthias ; CAPITO, Sofia ; Matra, Zsolt ; Weindrorf, Werner ; Zittel, Werner 2011 Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Impacts of Shale Gas Wastewater Disposal on Water Quality in Western Pennsylvania Warner, Nathaniel R.; Christie, Cidney A.; Jackson, Robert B.; Vengosh, Avner 2013 Energy ; Industry; Waste water; Water
Implications of An Exploratory Study of Air Quality Near Natural Gas Operations n.d. Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Implications of chemical mixtures in public health practice De Rosa, C T.; El-Masri, H A.; Pohl, H ; Cibulas, W ; Mumtaz, M M. 2004 Chemicals; Environment; Health
In Fracking Fight, a Worry About How Best to Measure Health Threats Sadasivam, Naveena n.d. Air quality; Energy ; Health; Industry; Regulations; Sciences
In Fracking’s Wake: New Rules are Needed to Protect Our Health and Environment from Contaminated Wastewater VanBriesen, Jeanne M.; Hammer, Rebecca 2012 Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Waste water; Water
Increased Stray Gas Abundance in a Subset of Drinking Water Wells Near Marcellus Shale Gas Extraction Jackson, Robert B. 2013 Drinking water; Energy ; Industry; Waste water; Water