Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Documents

Titlesort descending Author(s) Year of Publication Subject(s)
Drill, Baby, Drill: Can Unconventional Fuels Usher in a New Era of Energy Abundance? Hughes, David 2013 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Drilling California: A Reality Check on the Monterey Shale Hughes, David 2013 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Early Trends in Landcover Change and Forest Fragmentation Due to Shale-Gas Development in Pennsylvania: A Potential Outcome for the Northcentral Appalachians Drohan, P. J.; Brittingham, M. ; Bishop, J. ; Yoder, K. 0 Energy ; Environment; Industry
Early Trends in Landcover Change and Forest Fragmentation Due to Shale-Gas Development in Pennsylvania: A Potential Outcome for the Northcentral Appalachians Drohan, P. J.; Brittingham, M. ; Bishop, J. ; Yoder, K. 2012 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Forests; Industry; Waste water; Water
Earthquakes Triggered by Humans in Colorado n.d. Environment
Economic Impact Analysis of Timber Management & Supply Changes on Nova Scotia’s Forest Industry 2011 Economics; Environment; Forests; Industry
Effects of Natural Gas Production on Water Quality in Garfield County, Western Colorado n.d. Environment; Industry; Water
Efforts to Remedy Knowledge Gaps About the Watershed Impacts of Marcellus Shale Gas Development: Can Volunteers Pick up the Slack? Kinchy, Abby J.; Perry, Simona L. 2011 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Regulations; Waste water; Water
Energy Boomtowns & Natural Gas: Implications for Marcellus Shale Local Governments & Rural Communities 2009 Communities; Energy ; Industry
Energy Consequences and Conflicts Across the Global Countryside: North American Agricultural Perspectives Perry, Simona L. 2011 Animals; Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Policy; Regulations
Energy: A Reality Check on the Shale Revolution Hughes, David 2013 Economics; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy
Enhanced Remote Earthquake Triggering at Fluid-Injection Sites in the Midwestern United States van der Elst, Nicholas J.; Savage, Heather M.; Keranen, Katie M.; Abers, Geoffrey A. 2013 Environment; Fluids; Industry
Environmental and Health Impacts of Hydraulic Fracturing of Unconventional Gas Reserves 2013 Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Environmental Aspects on Unconventional Fossil Fuels 0 Energy ; Environment; Industry
Environmental Impacts of Shale Gas Extraction in Canada 2014 Air quality; Climate; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Regulations; Water
Environmental Protection Agency Needs to Improve Air Emissions Data for the Oil and Natural Gas Production Sector 2013 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Environmental Public Health Dimensions of Shale and Tight Gas Development Shonkoff, Seth B.; Hays, Jake ; Finkel, Madelon L. 2014 Energy ; Environment; Industry
ERCB Investigation Report: Caltex Energy Inc., Hydraulic Fracturing Incident, September 22, 2011 2012 Energy ; Fluids; Industry; Water
Estimating the Consumptive Use Costs of Shale Natural Gas Extraction on Pennsylvania Roadways Abramzon, S. ; Samaras, Constantine ; Curtright, A. ; Litovitz, Aviva ; Burger, N. 2014 Costs; Energy ; Industry; Road networks
Estimating Wastewater Impacts from Fracking Schmidt, Charles W. 2013 Energy ; Fluids; Industry; Waste water; Water
Estimation of Regional Air-quality Damages from Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Extraction in Pennsylvania Litovitz, Aviva ; Curtright, Aimee ; Abramzon, Shmuel ; Burger, Nicholas ; Samaras, Constantine 2013 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Estrogen and Androgen Receptor Activities of Hydraulic Fracturing Chemicals and Surface and Ground Water in a Drilling-Dense Region Kassotis, Christopher D.; Tillitt, Donald E.; Davis, Wade ; Hormann, Annette M.; Nagel, Susan C. 2014 Chemicals; Environment; Groundwater; Water
Evaluating Effects of Water Withdrawals and Impoundments on Fish Assemblages in Connecticut Streams Vokoun, Jason C.; Kanno, Yoichiro 2009 Animals; Environment; Fish; Water
Evaluation of Impacts to Underground Sources of Drinking Water by Hydraulic Fracturing of Coalbed Methane Reservoirs Study 2004 Drinking water; Environment; Fluids; Waste water; Water
Evaluation of Methane Sources in Groundwater in Northeastern Pennsylvania Molofsky, Lisa J.; Connor, John A.; Wylie, Albert S.; Wagner, Tom ; Farhat, Shahla K. 2013 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
Exaggerating the Employment Impacts of Shale Drilling: How and Why Mauro, Frank ; Wood, Michael ; Mattingly, Michele ; Price, Mark ; Herzenberg, Stephen ; Ward, Sharon 2013 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Examining the Feasibility of Converting New York State’s All-purpose Energy Infrastructure to One Using Wind, Water, and Sunlight Jacobson, Mark Z.; Howarth, Robert W.; Delucchi, Mark A.; Scobie, Stan R.; Barth, Jannette M.; Dvorak, Michael J.; Klevze, Megan ; Katkhuda, Hind ; Miranda, Brian ; Chowdhury, Navid A.; Jones, Rick ; Plano, Larsen ; Ingraffea, Anthony R. 2013 Air quality; Climate; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy
Exposing the Oil and Gas Industry’s False Jobs Promise for Shale Gas Development 2011 Economics; Energy ; Industry
Flaring Up: North Dakota Natural Gas Flaring More Than Doubles in Two Years Salmon, Ryan ; Logan, Andrew 2013 Energy ; Flaring; Industry
Fluid Migration Mechanisms Due to Faulty Well Design and/or Construction: An Overview and Recent Experiences in the Pennsylvania Marcellus Play Ingraffea, Anthony R. 2012 Energy ; Fluids; Industry
Folk Beliefs and Fracking Schwartz, Franklin W. 2013 Energy ; Industry; Water
Fourth National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals 2009 Chemicals; Environment; Health
Fracking by the Numbers: Key Impacts of Dirty Drilling at the State and National Level Ridlington, Elizabeth ; Rumpler, John 2013 Air quality; Drinking water; Environment; Health; Water
Fracking in BC: A Public Health Concern Benusic, Michael A. 2013 Communities; Drinking water; Energy ; Health; Industry; Water
Fracking in the Windsor-Kennetcook subbasin of Nova Scotia: is there a viable potential? Keppie, Duncan n.d. Economics; Energy ; Industry; NORMS
Fracking Methane Leakage Study Financed by Gas Industry With Partner, Environmental Defense Fund, Is Deeply Flawed Ingraffea, Anthony R.; Baum, Dwight C.; Shonkoff, Seth B. 2013 Climate; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy; Regulations
Fracking, the Environment, and Health McDermott-Levy, Ruth ; Kaktins, Nina ; Sattler, Barbara 2013 Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Fracking: The New Global Water Crisis 2012 Communities; Economics; Environment; Health; Water
Fracture Lines: Will Canada’s Water be Protected in the Rush to Develop Shale Gas? Primary tabs Parfitt, Ben 2010 Environment; Industry; Water
Fracturing Fluid Flowback Reuse Project 2012 Energy ; Flowback; Fluids; Industry; Water