Nova Scotia Hydraulic Fracturing Review Documents

Titlesort descending Author(s) Year of Publication Subject(s)
13 Ways to Kill Your Community Griffiths, Doug ; Clemmer, Kelly 2010 Communities; Development; Politics
A Bridge to Nowhere: Methane Emissions and the Greenhouse Gas Footprint of Natural Gas Howarth, Robert W. 0
A Brief History of the Kennetcook Brine Ponds and Facts on Water Chemistry n.d. Industry; Water
A Geographic Model to Assess and Limit Cumulative Ecological Degradation from Marcellus Shale Exploitation in New York, USA Robinson, George R.; Davis, John B. 2012 Energy ; Environment; Industry
A Human Rights Assessment of Hydraulic Fracturing for Natural Gas 2011 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy
A New Look at Methane and Non-methane Hydrocarbon Emissions From Oil and Natural Gas Operations in the Colorado Denver-Julesburg Basin Pétron, Gabrielle ; Karion, Anna ; Sweeney, Colm ; Miller, Benjamin R.; Montzka, Stephen A.; Frost, Gregory ; Trainer, Michael ; Tans, Pieter ; Andrews, Arlyn E.; Kofler, Jonathan ; Helmig, Detlev ; Guenther, Douglas ; Dlugokencky, Ed J.; Lang, Patricia M.; Newberger, Tim ; Wolter, Sonja ; Hall, Bradley ; Novelli, Paul ; Brewer, Alan ; Conley, Stephen ; Hardesty, Mike ; Banta, Robert ; White, Allen ; Noone, David ; Wolfe, Dan ; Schnell, Russ 2014 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Hydrocarbons; Industry
A Participatory Approach to Sustainable Energy Strategy Development in a Carbon-Intensive Jurisdiction: The Case of Nova Scotia Adams, Michelle ; Wheeler, David ; Woolston, Genna 2011 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy
A Review and Synopsis of the Scientific and Technical Evidence Against Hydraulic Fracturing Chyba, Andy n.d. Chemicals; Energy ; Fluids; Industry; Water
Addressing the Societal Costs of Unconventional Oil and Gas Exploration and Production: A Framework for Evaluating Short-Term, Future, and Cumulative Risks and Uncertainties of Hydrofracking Perry, Simona L. 2012 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Regulations; Water
Air Pollutant Emissions from the Development, Production, and Processing of Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Roy, Anirban A.; Adams, Peter J.; Robinson, Allen L. 2014 Air quality; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Ambient Air Monitoring Analysis Final Report: Town of DISH, Texas 2009 Air quality; Animals; Chemicals; Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
An Emerging Giant: Prospects and Economic Impacts of Developing the Marcellus Shale Natural Gas Play Considine, Timothy J.; Watson, Robert ; Entler, Rebecca ; Sparks, Jeffrey 2009 Economics; Energy ; Industry
An Energy Policy that Provides Clean and Green Power Slatin, Craig ; Levenstein, Charles 2013 Energy ; Policy
An Evaluation of Water Quality in Private Drinking Water Wells Near Natural Gas Extraction Sites in the Barnett Shale Formation Fontenot, Brian E.; Hunt, Laura R.; Hildenbrand, Zacariah L.; Carlton, Doug D.; Oka, Hyppolite ; Walton, Jayme L.; Hopkins, Dan ; Osorio, Alexandra ; Bjorndal, Bryan ; Hu, Qinhong H.; Schug, Kevin A. 2013 Drinking water; Energy ; Industry; Natural gas; Water
An Exploratory Study of Air Quality near Natural Gas Operations Colborn, Theo ; Schultz, Kim ; Herrick, Lucille ; Kwiatkowski, Carol 2014 Air quality; Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Hydrocarbons; Industry
An Overview of Canadian Shale Gas Production and Environmental Concerns Rivard, Christine ; Lavoie, Denis ; Lefebvre, René ; Séjourné, Stephan ; Lamontagne, Charles ; Duchesne, Mathieu 2014 Energy ; Environment; Hydrocarbons; Industry; Water
Analysis of BTEX Groundwater Concentrations from Surface Spills Associated with Hydraulic Fracturing Operations Gross, S. ; Avens, H. ; Banducci, A. ; Sahmel, J. ; Panko, J. ; Tvermoes, B. 2013 Energy ; Groundwater; Industry; Water
Analysis of Reserve Pit Sludge from Unconventional Natural Gas Hydraulic Fracturing and Drilling Operations for the Presence of Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) Rich, Alisa L.; Crosby, Ernest C. 2013 Energy ; Industry; NORMS; Water
Annual Energy Outlook 2014 2014 Energy
Anthropogenic Emissions of Methane in the United States Miller, Scot M.; Wofsy, Steven C.; Michalak, Anna M.; Kort, Eric A.; Andrews, Arlyn E.; Biraud, Sebastien C.; Dlugokencky, Ed J.; Eluszkiewicz, Janusz ; Fischer, Marc L.; Janssens-Maenhout, Greet ; Miller, Benjamin R.; Miller, John B.; Montzka, Stephen A.; Nehrkorn, Thomas ; Sweeney, Colm 2013 Animals; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Assessing Water Quality Near Gas Extraction Sites Osborn, Stephen G. 2011 Energy ; Industry; Waste water; Water
Assessment of Effluent Contaminants from Three Facilities Discharging Marcellus Shale Wastewater to Surface Waters in Pennsylvania Ferrar, Kyle J.; Michanowicz, Drew R.; Christen, Charles L.; Mulcahy, Ned ; Malone, Samantha L.; Sharma, Ravi K. 2013 Chemicals; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Surface water; Waste water
Assessment of Impact of Energy Development Projects on Local Roads Wilke, Paul W.; Harrell, Michael 2011 Communities; Costs; Energy ; Industry; Road networks
Birth Outcomes and Maternal Residential Proximity to Natural Gas Development in Rural Colorado McKenzie, Lisa M.; Guo, Ruixin ; Witter, Roxana Z.; Savitz, David A.; Newman, Lee S.; Adgate, John L. 2014 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry
Blind Rush? Shale Gas Boom Proceeds Amid Human Health Questions Schmidt, Charles W. 2011 Communities; Drinking water; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Water
Burning Our Rivers: The Water Footprint of Electricity Wilson, Wendy ; Leipzig, Travis ; Griffiths-Sattenspiel, Bevan 2012 Electricity; Energy ; Environment; Water
Canadian Clean Technology Industry Report 2014 Energy ; Environment; Industry
Carbon and Hydrogen Isotopic Evidence for the Origin of Combustible Gases in Water-supply Wells in North-central Pennsylvania Révész, Kinga M.; Breen, Kevin J.; Baldassare, Alfred J.; Burruss, Robert C. 2010 Environment; Water
Chemical and Biological Risk Assessment for Natural Gas Extraction in New York Bishop, Ronald E. 2011 Animals; Chemicals; Energy ; Environment; Health; Industry; Regulations
Chemical and Physical Characterization of Produced Waters from Conventional and Unconventional Fossil Fuel Resources Alley, Bethany ; Beebe, Alex ; Rodgers, John ; Castle, James W. 2011 Energy ; Environment; Industry; Water
Chief Medical Officer of Health’s Recommendations Concerning Shale Gas Development in New Brunswick 2012 Energy ; Health; Industry
Chloride Concentration Gradients in Tank-Stored Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids Following Flowback Edwards, Pamela J.; Tracy, Linda L.; Wilson, William K. 2011 Chloride; Energy ; Flowback; Fluids; Industry
Climate Change 2014: Mitigation of Climate Change 2014 Climate; Environment; Policy; Regulations
Climate Change and Water 2009 Climate; Environment; Water
Community-Based Risk Assessment of Water Contamination from High-Volume Horizontal Hydraulic Fracturing Penningroth, Stephen M.; Yarrow, Matthew M.; Figueroa, Abner X.; Bowen, Rebecca J.; Delgado, Soraya 2013 Communities; Energy ; Groundwater; Industry; Water
Constraints on Upward Migration of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid and Brine Flewelling, Samuel A.; Sharma, Manu 2014 Energy ; Environment; Fluids; Industry; Water
Developing Oil and Gas Resources On or Near Indigenous Lands in Canada: An Overview of Laws, Treaties, Regulations and Agreements Wright, Laura ; White, Jerry P. 2012 Communities; Energy ; Environment; Industry; Policy; Regulations
Development, Land Use, and Collective Trauma: The Marcellus Shale Gas Boom in Rural Pennsylvania Perry, Simona L. 2012 Communities; Economics; Energy ; Environment; Industry
Disclosure of Hydraulic Fracturing Fluid Chemical Additives: Analysis of Regulations Maule, Alexis L.; Makey, Colleen M.; Benson, Eugene B.; Burrows, Isaac J.; Scammell, Madeleine K. 2013 Chemicals; Energy ; Fluids; Industry; Policy; Water
Draft Report of Investigation of Ground Water Contamination near Pavillion, Wyoming n.d. Environment; Industry; Water