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2156 Tourism Resource Inventory: Cape Breton Region 1977 Tourism
2160 Annual Meeting Chemical Institute of Canada Atlantic Section 1968 Chemistry; Coal
2162 New Species of Cambrian Fossils from Cape Breton 1900 Matthew, G.P. Fossils; Geology; Sciences
2163 Additional Notes on the Cambrian of Cape Breton 1902 Matthew, G.F. Geology; Sciences
2164 Ostracoda of the Basal Cambrian Rocks in Cape Breton 1902 Matthew, G.F. Geology; Sciences
2165 Cape Breton Highlands National Park: Where the Mountains Meet the Sea 1965 Baird, David M. Cape Breton Highlands National Park; Geology; Maps
2167 Report on New Waterford Water Supply for Cape Breton Metropolitan Steering Committee 1972 Utilities; Water
2183 Alternate energy: summary report 1977 Nova Scotia Research Foundation, ; Hutchinson, J.E. Environment; Green energy
2198 Wreck Cove Power Project, Cape Breton Island: Feasibility Study 1974 Electricity; Environment; Utilities
2224 Annual Review: Report on the Bras d'Or Institute 1978 Arseneau, Donald F. Bras d'Or Institute
2232 Coal in Canada 1978 Page, Garnet T. Coal; Miners; Mines; Mining
2244 Western Miner 1978 Bell, Peter C. Coal; DEVCO; Miners; Mining
2257 Background Information: Town of Port Hawkesbury Municipal Development Plan 1978 Hodgins, Brad Community economic development; Municipalities
2281 Geological Highway Map of Nova Scotia 1980 Geology; Maps; Tourism
2292 Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Canada: Where Industry and Quality of Life can Still Fit Together n.d. Community economic development; Industrial Cape Breton
2305 The Circus Ship Fire 1977 Goodwin, Helen Culture; History
2306 A history of Provincial House 1973 Elliott, Shirley B. Government; History; Politics
2312 Cape Breton Handcraft Producers Newsletter 1978 Arts; Crafts; Culture
2316 Collecting Minerals in Nova Scotia 1970 Corbett, Joanella Geology
2319 Bilingualism and Multi-Culturalism in Atlantic Development 1974 Chellam, Grace Community economic development
2320 Atlantic Development and the Social Service System: The Pursuit of Social Justice and Equality 1974 Cummings, Joan Community economic development
2321 The Social Implication of the Growth Centre Concept 1974 Antoft, Kell ; Clairmont, Donald H.; Henson, Guy ; Pross, Paul ; Wien, Fred ; Wood, Scott K. Community economic development
2323 Assessment of the Technology for the Liquefaction of Coal: Summary 1977 Coal
2325 A Rough Voyage: A Report for the Fisherman of Nova Scotia 1978 Saunders, Lois Fisheries
2327 Stimulating Industrial Research and Development: Options for Nova Scotia 1978 Community economic development
2333 Some Provincial Measures of Manufacturing Productivity 1978 McCarten, W.J. Community economic development
2335 Social Development in the Atlantic Provinces: A Statistical Profile of Provincial Expenditures, 1960-1972 1974 Drover, Glenn Community economic development; Social programs
2337 What are the actual and potential policies and mechanisms for fostering an internationally competitive Canadian ocean service industry? 1978 Alapin, Peter Harbours; Oceans
2360 Research Report on Engineering Education in the Maritimes 1976 Shemilt, L.W. Education; Engineering
2367 The Quest for Income in Rural Cape Breton 1938 Hudson, S.C.; Lewis, J.N. Economic disparity; Rural development
2370 This is Retirement 1978 Scott, Evan Retirement; Seniors
2379 Mountain, Cliff, and Crag. This is the Cabot Trail. And You are not Afraid 1977 MacIntyre, Linden Cabot Trail; Culture; Tourism
2382 Fisheries Seminar Sponsored by Bras d'Or Institute of the College of Cape Breton 1979 Fisheries
2394 Ocean Opportunities for Nova Scotia 1977 Foster, Robert D. Development; Oceans
2406 Training Resources Applied to Coal: A Working Paper on the First Stage of TRAC 1 1978 Jala, Tom Coal; Education; Miners; Mines; Mining
2406.1 Training Resources Applied to Coal: A Continuation on the Working Paper on TRAC 1 1979 Jala, Tom Coal; Education; Miners; Mines; Mining
2406.5 A Training Strategy for the Coal Industry: A Discussion Paper 1980 Jala, Tom Coal; Education; Miners; Mines; Mining
2411 The Status of the Bald Eagle on Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 1976 Cameron, Austin W.; O'Neill, John T. Biology; Birds
2412 200 Mile Limit: Impact of Fisheries on the Sydney Ports 1978 Fisheries; Harbours; Oceans
2423 Questions and Answers on the Seal Hunt 1980 Fisheries; Law; Sealing