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1897.3 An Environmental Survey of an Area Adjacent to a Proposed Steel Plant 1977 MacDonald, Joanne E.; MacKay, Kenneth T. Environment; Pollution; Steel
1897.4 A Study of Invention and Innovation in Industry in Cape Breton County 1977 Arseneau, John R.; MacKinnon, Bernard C.; Arseneau, Donald F. Community economic development; Industrial Cape Breton
1897.6 Proposed Study of the Mira River Watershed Area 1977 Baryluk, Tom B.; Moore, Kirby W. Biology; Mira River; Water
1897.6 Proposed Study of the Mira River Watershed Area 1977 Baryluk, Tom B.; Moore, Kirby W. Marine biology; Mira River; Oceans
1897.7 New Dawn Enterprises Limited: A Community Development Corporation 1978 Community economic development; New Dawn Enterprises
1903 Mines and Matter 1984 Mines; Mining
1905 Report of Commission to Inquire into the Industrial Unrest Among the Steel Workers at Sydney, Nova Scotia 1923 Robertson, Jas. W. Labour disputes; Labour relations; Steel; Sydney steel; Unions
1906 The Growth of a Mining Town 1977 Ripley, Ralph History; Mines; Mining
1933 St. Margaret's Church Centennial 1857-1957 1975 Religion
1934 The Great Election 1920 Gillis, James D. Culture; History; Poetry
1935 Proceedings of the 14th Annual National Cultural Identity Seminar 1977 Reid, William M. Culture; Gaelic
1958 Project Mercury n.d. Siller, Leonard ; Hanratty, Bernie ; MacLeod, Fred ; Jordan, Winston Environment; Fish; Fisheries; Pollution
1960 Report on Fisheries Conference 1976 Fisheries
1961 What's Happening; Your Official Tourist Guide on Cape Breton Island 1977 History; Tourism
1969 Songs of Cape Breton 1977 Culture; History; Miners; Mining; Music
1974 Status of Solid Waste in Cape Breton County 1974 Waste management
1975 Biology of Mysids of the Great Bras d'Or 1953 Black, W.F. Bras d'Or Lakes; Fisheries; Marine biology; Zoology
1977 Primary Production in Bras d'Or Lake and Other Inland Waters of Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 1965 Geen, Glen Howard Bras d'Or Lakes; Marine biology
1979 Cape Breton by the Sea 1977 Culture; Folklore; History
1993 Freshwater Lake Investigation: Cape Breton Highlands National Park, Nova Scotia 1964 McCrimmons, Hugh R. Cape Breton Highlands National Park; Fish; Fisheries
1994 Report Concerning Bras d'Or Lakes and Assessment of the Fish Population 1967 Bras d'Or Lakes; Fish; Fisheries
2004 Unionism of the Steel Plant 1977 MacDonald, Joe Labour relations; Steel; Sydney steel; Unions
2005 Population Biology and Aspects of Energy Use of the Northern Population of Atlantic Mackerel, Scomber Scombrus L 1976 MacKay, Kenneth T. Biology; Fisheries; Marine biology
2009 Proceedings of Public Meeting on the Environmental Impact Assessment of the Wreck Cove Hydroelectric Project 1977 Electricity; Environment; Utilities
2013 Trout Farming in Margaree 1977 Campbell, Camille ; MacFarlane, Joanne Fisheries
2014 The Plant Communities of the East Bay Sandbar, Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 1974 MacDonald, Joanne E. Flora; Plants
2015 Amphipod Crustacea: A Protein Source for Fish Culture in Northern Temperate Waters 1975 MacKay, Kenneth T.; Vassallo, Leonard Fisheries; Marine biology
2016 Distribution and Experimental Ecology of the Peracaridian Crustacea in the Industrial Area of Cape Breton 1976 MacKay, Kenneth T.; Vassallo, Leonard Ecology; Marine biology
2017 The Vegetation of Belfry and Winging Point Dunes 1977 MacDonald, Joanne E. Beaches; Biology; Oceans
2020 Experimental Blue Mussel Culture in Nova Scotia Waters 1975 MacLeod, Lincoln L. Biology; Marine biology; Molluscs
2051 Fish (Salt Water): Nova Scotia 1977 Fish; Fisheries; Marine biology; Oceans
2052 Fish (Fresh Water): Nova Scotia 1977 Fish; Fisheries; Marine biology
2060 Our Forests: A New Look at Nova Scotia's Forest Improvement Act 1976 Saunders, Gary L. Arts; Forestry; Illustrations
2067 Cansteel Corporation: Annual Report for the Fiscal Year Ended March 31, 1976 1976 Steel
2086 New Bird Records from Cape Breton Island, Nova Scotia 1964 Erskine, Anthony J. Birds
2089 Cape Breton Island: A Few Words and Pictures 1970 O'Sullivan, Greg ; MacDonald, J.P.; Dingwall, Laurie ; Stanton, Kathy ; MacIntyre, Kathy Culture; Folklore; History; Poetry
2099 Clubs and Organizations: Industrial Cape 1978 Arts; Communities; Culture; History; Organizations
2114 An Ecological Approach to Multi-species Aquaculture: A Research Proposal 1976 MacKay, Kenneth T. Aquaculture; Bras d'Or Institute; Fish; Fisheries; Marine biology
2140 The Cape Breton Coal Industry and the Rise and Fall of the British Empire Steel Corporation 1977 Frank, David Alexander Coal; Mining
2151 The Bras d'Or Institute and Aquaculture 1977 Aquaculture; Bras d'Or Institute