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1659 Let's Go Exploring: An Information Guide to Sydney and Vicinity 1938 Ellis, Russell History; Tourism
1660 Father Jimmy of Nova Scotia 1958 Arnold, Mary Ellicot Antigonish Movement; Cooperatives; History; Religion
1663 New Waterford Sixty 1973 Boutilier, D.T. History
1664 The New Waterford Story 1913-1963 1963 History; Municipalities; New Waterford; Photography
1665 50 years 1906-1956 Town of Dominion, NS 1956 MacDonald, Joseph F. Dominion; History; Municipalities
1666 50 years: Town of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 1901-1951 1951 McDonald, C.S. Glace Bay; History; Municipalities
1667 Official Programme Sydney's 150th Anniversary 1935 History; Municipalities; Sydney
1669 Constitution and By-Laws of the Dominion Steelworkers' Mutual Benefit Society 1965 Beazley, C.L. Collective agreements; DOSCO; Steel; Steelworkers; Sydney steel; Unions
1670 Annual Report of the Dominion Steelworkers' Mutual Benefit Society 1960 DOSCO; Steel; Steelworkers; Sydney steel; SYSCO; Unions
1671 Bob Muir, M.P., On DEVCO 1971 Muir, Bob Coal; DEVCO; Politics; Steel
1675 Strait of Canso Information Package 1975 Community economic development; Municipalities; Planning
1677 Song Sheet n.d. Arts; Culture; DOSCO; Music
1682 Development Strategy for the Strait of Canso Area of Nova Scotia 1970 Community economic development; Municipalities; Planning
1683 Strait of Canso: Natural Environment Inventory 1975 Fisheries; Oceans; Strait of Canso; Water
1692 A Summary of the Research on the Strait of Canso Superport 1972 Rodgers, G. Industrial development; Industry; Infrastructure; Strait of Canso
1697 The Economic Development of Cape Breton 1967 Boyle, Doris Community economic development; History
1723 The Louisbourg Monument 1895 Challoner, S.P. History; Louisbourg; Zine
1726 Holland's Description of Cape Breton Island and Other Documents 1935 Holland, Captain Samuel ; Harvey, D.C. Correspondence; History
1734 A Review of the Geology and Mineralogy of Cape Breton Island 1972 Young, John C. Coal; Geology; Minerals; Mines; Mining
1750 Politics of Air Pollution in Sydney 1976 Guy, James Environment; Pollution; Steel; Sydney steel; SYSCO
1761 An Assessment of the Potential Trailer and Truck Body Market for a Cape Breton Based Manufacturer 1976 Hutchinson, J.E.; Ryan, P.C.; MacNeill, R.F. Community economic development; Transport
1767 Community Focus 1974 Kavanagh, John Community economic development; Social problems; Zine
1769 Manpower Assessment Incentive Agreement 1970 Dow, D.S. Economic decline; Labour; Surveys
1771 Atlantic Issues 1977 Community economic development; Environment; Zine
1775 Coal Workers and Pneumoconiosis 1968 Kerr, Lorin E. Coal; Health; Miners; Mining
1776.5 Admission Brochure 0 UCCB, Education; UCCB
1782 Let's Explore Cape Breton 1939 History; Tourism
1809 Wreck Cove Hydroelectric Project: Environmental Assessment and Management Strategy 1977 Electricity; Environment; Utilities
1812 A time for Transit: a handbook of transportation alternatives 1971 Ecology Action Centre, Environment; Transport
1821 Report of a Public Inquiry Concerning Matters Related to Employment of Insulators from the United Kingdom at the Heavy Water Plant at Glace Bay 1977 MacKay, W.A. Heavy water; Industry; Labour relations
1830 Field Report on New Waterford, Cape Breton 1967 Nicholson, John Coal; Labour; Municipalities; New Waterford
1859 The Contribution of the Scottish Teachers to Early Cape Breton Education 1973 Johnston, Hope Hart Education; History
1860 A Study of Imperial Policy in Cape Breton (1784-1995) Appendices and Bibliography only 1952 Cameron, Ella Hunt History
1870 Federal Election Statistics for Cape Breton since 1900 (and) Electorai Districts Redistribution 1972 Chief Electoral Officer of Canada, Democracy; Elections; Electoral districts
1872 The Forest: Alternatives to Spraying 1977 Environment; Forestry; Pollution
1877 Sydney Civic Centre: Official Opening August 2, 1976 1976 Tubrett, Earl O. Government; History; Municipalities
1878 Cape Breton Mirror 1952 Lipschutz, Norman Culture; History
1897.1 Study on the Analysis of Coals in the Atlantic Region 1981 Coal
1897.11 Study on the Analysis of Coals in the Atlantic Region (Revised) 1981 Coal
1897.2 The Waters of East Bay, Cape Breton Island: A Study of their Physical and Chemical Nature 1977 Arseneau, Donald F.; Arseneau, Anthony J.; Rogers, Charles Environment; Marine biology; Oceans