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1291.51 Regional Financial Study 1975 Finance; Planning
1291.6 Housing: Data Base 1975 Housing; Planning
1291.7 Industrial Locations 1974 DEVCO; Industrial Cape Breton; SYSCO
1291.8 Sewage Facilities in Industrial Cape Breton 1975 Engineering; Waste water
1299 Shellfish Growing Areas in Bras d'Or Lake Cape Breton, Nova Scotia: An Investigation of Bacteriological Conditions in 1974 1975 Van Otterloo, H.R. Fisheries; Molluscs; Oceans
1328 A Nova Scotian in the Union Navy: The Letters of Norman Wade 1976 Cousins, Leone Banks ; Wade, Norman Correspondence; Navy
1340 The Proceedings of the Bras d'Or Lakes Aquaculture Conference 1975 McKay, Gregory Aquaculture; Bras d'Or Lakes; Oceans
1347 Maritime Migrants to Toronto: Selected Cases 1968 McCormack, Thelma Migration
1348.2 An Act to Establish the College of Cape Breton and Incorporate its Board of Goverrnors: Cited as S.N.S., 1974 Chapter 4 1974 Donahoe, Terence R.B. Legislation; UCCB
1349 A Necessary Proposal for Further Work of Xavier Cavers in 1973 1972 Zodrow, Erwin L. Geology; Speleology
1350 Final Report of Xavier Cavers in 1972: Speleology on Cape Breton 1972 Zodrow, Erwin L. Geology; Speleology
1354 Conference on Poverty: Housing and Poverty in Nova Scotia 1965 Lang, R.S.; Foerstel, H. Housing; Income gap; Poverty
1385 Concluding observations re study of Social Services in municipalities of Cape Breton 1975 Butts, Peggy Social programs; Social services
1417 An economic study of the oyster fishery of the Maritime Provinces 1971 Fisheries Research Board of Canada, ; Morse, N.H. Fisheries
1431 Note on the Attitude and Conjectural Shape of the Submarine Portion of the Sydney Coalfield 1933 Gray, Francis Wm. Coal; Mining; Sydney coalfield
1432 The Sydney Coalfield 1941 Grey, F.W.; Gray, Heath R. Coal; Mining; Sydney coalfield
1434 A Study of Alcohol Consumption in Inverness County, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1975 Lyman, Scott ; Zimmerman, Carl Alcoholism
1440 The Glace Bay Heavy Water Plant 1972 Nuclear energy; Resources management
1441 Economic Consideration in the Production and Preparation of Coal for the Carbonization Market 1969 Blackmore, Gerald P. Coal; Economic development
1442 Recreation Survey: Town of New Waterford 1973 MacIntyre, Kenrod Recreation
1500 Seminar on Student Life 1976 Education; Students
1503 Progress in Cape Breton 1970 Blackmore, Gerald P. Coal; Miners; Mines; Mining
1511 Men and Methods of the Early Days of Mining in Cape Breton 1922 Odell, C.M. Coal; Miners; Mines; Mining
1512 The History of Basic Steel Manufacture at Sydney, Nova Scotia 1952 Campbell, M.M. Steel; Sydney steel
1548 Strait of Canso Region Municipal Development Plan Background Report 1974 Community economic development; Municipalities; Planning
1567 Report on Cape Dauphin Dolomite Deposits for Sydney Steel Corporation 1972 Murray, D.A. Dolomite; Minerals; Mining; Steel; Sydney steel; SYSCO
1568 Results of 1972 Drilling Waterford Lake: River Ryan Area 1972 Oldale, H.R. Nick Coal; Mining
1569 Preliminary Field Report Grantmire Project 1971 Potter, W. Geology; Mining
1570 Geology and Mineralization of a Diorite-Monzonite Pluton in the Coxheath Hills, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 1966 Ordale, Harry R. Geology; Mining
1572 Report on Dolomite Deposit Ingonish, Victoria County, Cape Breton 1965 Wright, J.D. Dolomite; Geology; Minerals; Mining
1573 Report on the Drilling of the Gardiner Seam Outcrop Near Reserve Mines 1973 Coal; Coal seams; Mining
1593 National Policy Conference 1967 Labour relations; Steel; Unions; United Steelworkers of America
1596.1 Evolution of Community Groups 1982 MacLeod, Gregory J. Community economic development; New Dawn Enterprises
1645 Eilean Cheap Breatann 1944 Arts; Culture; Gaelic; History; Zine
1650 Fortress of Louisbourg National Historic Park 1959 McLennan, Katharine History; Louisbourg
1651 Sydney, Nova Scotia: Canada's Leading Industrial City 1912 Challoner, S.P. History
1652 Agreement Between Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation, Limited and United Steelworkers of America Local No. 6537 1965 Collective agreements; DOSCO; Steel; Steelworkers; Sydney steel; Unions; United Steelworkers of America
1653 Alexander Graham Bell Museum: Tribute to Genius 1956 Lesage, Jean Alexander Graham Bell
1654 DOSCO and the Future 1959 Fairley, Albert L. DOSCO; Steel; Sydney steel
1658 Mine Subsidence in Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 1934 Environment; Housing; Miners; Mines