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1071 Cape Breton Highlands National Park Provisional Master Plan 1970 Cape Breton Highlands National Park; Nature; Parks
1088 Contributions to the Flora of Nova Scotia: Notes on the Vegetation of the Bird Islands 1959 Smith, Chalmers E.; Schofield, Wilfred B. Birds; Environment; Nature
1097 Cape Breton's Magazine 1972 Culture; History
1097.5 KWIC Index to the Cape Breton Magazine 1976 MacLennan, Bill Culture; History
1105 A Study of Pollution Control in Industrial Cape Breton 1970 Environment; Maps; Pollution
1108 Point Edward Industrial Park 1967 Industrial development
1111.5 Submission to the Royal Commission on Education, Public Services and Provincial-Municipal Relations 1971 Community economic development; Education; Municipalities
1115 Leisure Time Activities for Pre-Retired Miners 1974 Muise, Michael Miners
1118 An Ecological Investigation and Floristic Survey of the Sunday Lake, Baldwin Lake, Big Southwest Brook Area in Cape Breton Highlands National Park 1971 Beil, Charles E.; Comeau, Paul Linus ; Smith, R.T. Bogs; Botany; Cape Breton Highlands National Park; Environment; Nature
1120 A Study of Five Raised Bogs on the Cape Breton Plateau 1971 Comeau, Paul Linus Bogs; Flora; Sciences
1121 A Study of the Deciduous Forest Associations in Cape Breton 1962 Clattenburg, Robert Earl Forestry
1132 Report of the Royal Commission Respecting the Coal Mines of the Province of Nova Scotia 1925 Duncan, Andrew Rae ; Cronyn, Hume ; MacPherson, Hugh P. Coal; Miners; Mining
1137 School Retention in Glace Bay 1950 Hawlwy, Allen E. Education
1142 Education for Democracy 1951 MacLennan, Reverend Democracy; Education
1152 Consumers' Co-operatives 1937 Schmiedeler, Rev. Edgar Cooperatives
1163 Democracy Ensured: A Social Drama of the Canadian Maritimes 1950 Cooperatives; Democracy; Fisheries; Mining
1180 The Iron and Steel Industry in 1973 and Trends in 1974 1975 Steel
1184 Bibliography of Reports, Papers and Studies on the Strait of Canso Area 1975 Polegato, Lino Bibliography
1185 The Cape Breton Giant 1952 Almon, Albert Culture; History
1195 Submission by District #26, United Mine Workers of America to the Board of Conciliation in the Matter of Dispute 1953 Coal; DOMCO; Labour; Labour disputes; Miners; Mines; Mining; Unions
1221 Program of Education to Promote Home and Family Living & Family Life and the Juvenile Court 1954 Crime; Education; Religion; Youth
1226 Cruise Cape Breton: A Yachtman's Guide to the Bras d'Or Lakes, Nova Scotia 1974 MacKeen, R.D. Boating; Navigation; Sailing; Water
1231 Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation, Limited: Report for the Five Month Fiscal Period Ended December 31, 1960 1960 DOSCO; Steel; Sydney steel
1234 The Lobster Fishery of the Southern Gulf of St. Lawrence 1954 Wilder, D.G. Fisheries; Lobster; Oceans
1236 Search: A History of Early Life in Cape Breton 1960 Beckett, Sally ; MacLeod, Rosyn ; MacRury, Shawna Arts; Folklore; History
1237 Statistical Survey of Higher Education in Cape Breton County 1954 Education
1241.5 The Socialization of Canadian Nationalism and Regional Loyalty: A Study of Cape Breton Whites and Indians 1975 Ullman, Stephen H. First Nations; Politics
1249 The Economic Impact of a Steel Complex 1974 Economic development; Industry; Steel
1250 An Industrial Survey of Sydney, Nova Scotia 1959 Coal; Economic development; Industry; Mining; Railway networks; Steel
1251 Canstel Preliminary Study 1974 Economic development; Industry; Steel
1254 A history of the Margarees 1965 MacDonald, Jeanette History; Municipalities
1268 Information 1967 Stevenson, Ray Steel; Sydney steel; Sydney steel crisis
1271 Teamwork 1950 DOSCO; Steel; Sydney steel
1291 Report by the Cape Breton Regional Planning Committee 1975 Community economic development; Industrial Cape Breton; Planning
1291.1 Cape Breton County Regional Development Plan: First Draft 1976 Community economic development; Industrial Cape Breton; Planning
1291.2 Proposed Regional Plan Actions 1976 Community economic development; Planning
1291.3 Final Draft Cape Breton County Socio-Economic Model Technical Report 1976 Community economic development; Industrial Cape Breton; Planning
1291.36 Background Report: Cape Breton County Regional Development Plan 1969 Community economic development; Industrial Cape Breton; Planning
1291.4 Proposed Regional Plan Actions 1976 Industrial Cape Breton; Planning
1291.42 Comparative Analysis Servicing Residential Development within Cape Breton County and the City of Sydney 1977 Housing; Industrial Cape Breton; Planning