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0913 A Submission to the Atlantic Development Board on the Prospects for Nova Scotia's Steel Industry 1966 Waisglass, Harry J.; Hogan, Andrew Industrial development; Steel; United Steelworkers of America
0914 A Submission to the Premier and Cabinet on the Province of Nova Scotia 1951 Committee for Industrial Expansion DOSCO; Industrial development; Steel; Sydney steel
0915 Transfer Sydney Wire Drawing Machine 1966 Nicholson, James C. Steel; Steel industry; Sydney steel
0916 Economic Decay: Problem of the Atlantic Provinces 1968 Topshee, G.E. Economic decline; Economic development
0917 World Steel Conditions Reviewed 1964 Shields, W.J. Steel; Sydney steel; SYSCO
0918 On the Steel Crisis: University President Appeals to Pearson 1967 MacLellan, M.A. Steel; Sydney steel; Sydney steel crisis; UCCB
0919 Report to City of Sydney on Water Supply System Study 1974 Maps; Utilities; Water
0920 Report of Alternate Water Supply for the City of Sydney, Nova Scotia 1972 Maps; Utilities; Water
0923 Education in the 70s 1970 Education; History
0927 Attitudes of Industrial Cape Breton High School Students Towards the St. Francis Xavier University System 1973 Borden, Joel R. Education
0929 Industrial Unrest in Cape Breton: 1919-1925 1971 MacGillivary, Donald Industrial Cape Breton; Labour force
0937 Nova Scotia Historic Sites 1956 Cameron, H.L. History; Maps
0938 Historic Nova Scotia 1950 Connolly, Harold History
0939 Report on Inventory and Valuation of Water Utility 1967 Utilities
0940 Sydney Steel Crisis 1967 DOSCO; Steel; Sydney steel; Sydney steel crisis
0941 History of District 26 United Mine Workers of America 1919-1941 1950 Wade, C.B. Miners; Mining; Unions
0943 Strikes in Coal Mines of Nova Scotia 1909-1910 1909 Coal; Labour disputes; Mines; Mining; Unions
0945 History of Early Coal Mining in Cape Breton 1763-1893 0 Coal; History; Mines; Mining
0953 School Building Program 1974 Education
0954 Introducing Sydney Steel Corporation to the Engineering Student 1975 Education; Steel; Sydney steel; SYSCO
0956 Municipal Sources of Revenue 1962 Sandford, Lawrence E. Municipalities; Taxes
0959 The Glace Bay Coal Strike of 1925 1973 MacDonald, Colleen Coal; Labour disputes; Miners; Mining; Unions
0977 A Study of the Ecological Effects of Lumbering 1974 MacLean, Donald A. Forestry
0979 Water Survey of Sydney Harbour 1974 Pollution; Water
0981 An Update on the Development Program at Sydeny Steel Corporation 1974 Steel; Sydney steel; SYSCO
0990 Report on Review of Rates: Town of North Sydney 1968 Municipalities; Utilities
0991 Report on Functional Design of Pumping and Storage Facilities for the North Sydney Water Supply System 1973 Utilities
0994 The Industrial Areas of Cape Breton as Sources of Cations and Anion to the Surrounding Ecosystem 1967 MacKay, Kenneth T. Environment; Nature; Sciences
0995 A Review of the Coal Properties Operated by Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation 1964 Frost, Louis Coal; DOSCO; Mining
0998 Northumberland Strait Shore 1972 Davis, D.S. Environment; Nature; Oceans
1002 Mackerel Population Dynamics: Report Prepared for Marine Ecology Lab 1973 MacKay, Kenneth T. Fisheries
1005 Royal Commission Reports and Related Action: 1926-1960 1960 Coal; Mines; Mining
1012 The Wreck Cove Hydro Project 1974 Industrial development; Utilities
1015 Planning Your Community 1969 Community economic development; Planning
1023 The Making of Steel 1966 DOSCO; Steel; Sydney steel
1024 20th Anniversary: Sydney Co-operative Socities 1957 Cooperatives
1028 1925: Standing the Gaff in the Coal Mines 1971 Cameron, Silver Donald BESCO; Coal; Davis Day; Labour disputes; Miners; Mining; William Davis
1038 Preliminary Environmental Assessment of the Proposed Wreck Cove Hydroelectric Power Development 1974 Industrial development; Utilities
1067 Industrial Cape Breton Development Strategy 1972 Lloyd, M.E. Economic development; Urban development
1068 Sydney: An Urban Study 1971 Harvey, Ray E. Economic development; History; Municipalities; Urban development