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0624 Sydney Centennial Program 1867-1967 1967 Reeves, S.A. History; Tourism
0625 Atlantic Canada - an Economic Laggard: The Underlying Causes and Some Possible Remedies 1972 George, Roy Economic development; Economic disparity; Urban development
0626 Report of Judge Nathan Green Industrial Inquiry Commission re: Fisheries Ports of Canso, Mulgrave, Petit de Grat 1970 Green, Nathan Fisheries; Management; Unions
0632 Affairs: Regional Income and Product accounts of North Eastern Nova Scotia 1968 Economy; Municipalities
0641 Housing Problems in Cape Breton 1972 Housing
0655 Submission of the Sydney Board of Trade to the Atlantic Development Board 1964 Economic development; Transport
0670 A Report on the First Phase of the Cape Breton Mineral Resources Project 1969 DEVCO; Economic development; Geology; Metal industry; Minerals; Mining
0673 Future Developments in Resource-Based Industries in Nova Scotia 1971 Shaw, William S. Economic development; Urban development
0675 Some Observations on Area Redevelopment Plans for Cape Breton 1968 Hogan, Andrew Community economic development; Urban development
0676 Report of a Survey of Service Needs Which Could Become Employment Opportunities for Marginally Handicapped People on Cape Breton Island 1972 Chaisson, J.T. Community economic development; Disabilities; Persons with disabilities
0686 Regional Planning Program: Strait of Canso 1972 Planning
0720 Report on the Problem of Crossing the Strait of Canso for the Federal Department of Transport and the NS Department of Highways and Public Works 1949 Ellis, D.S.; Pratley, P.L.; Surveyer, Arthur Canso Causeway; Strait of Canso
0740 Underground Gasification of Coal 1974 Gray, T.J. Coal; Engineering; Mining
0743 Energy and the Future of Coal in Cape Breton 1974 MacLean, Roy A. Coal; DEVCO; Mining
0765 A History of Pulpwood Operations on the Cape Breton Highlands 1971 Kelly, Warren Forestry
0770 The New Design 1971 Siegel, Sandy Community economic development; Social problems; Zine
0800.5 Sydney Steel Corporation 1982 Steel; Sydney steel; SYSCO
0800b Rails 1973 Rails; Steel; Steel industry; Sydney steel; SYSCO
0806 Strait of Canso Region: Interim Development Plan Background Study 1973 Municipalities; Planning
0806 Strait of Canso Region: Interim Development Plan 1973 Municipalities; Planning
0807 Strait of Canso: Area Information 1973 Municipalities; Planning
0845 Remember When: A Picture History of Sydney 1973 Webber, Harvey History; Photography
0876 Atlantic Institute on Health Education 1969 Dalhousie Institute of Public Affairs Health
0896 An Historical Outline of publications of Cape Breton 1971 History; Publishing
0897.5 Cape Breton Coal Reserves Performance and Potential (Maps) 1974 MacLean, Roy A. Coal; Coal seams; DEVCO; Maps; Mining; Sydney coalfield
0898 Business Management Techniques in the Future Canadian Coal Mining Industry 1974 Blackmore, Gerald P.; Greensmith, Victor Business; Cape Breton Development Corporation; Economic development; Labour; Management; Mining
0899 Nova Scotians: Owners or Serfs? 1970 Shaw, William S. Labour; Unions
0900 The Cost and Effect of Labour and Equipment in Modern Day Coal Mining 1969 MacLean, Roy A. Architecture; Equipment; Labour; Lingan mine; Miners; Mining
0901 Some Aspects Associated with the Mechanization of Steep Seams n.d. Postlewaite, A. Coal seams; DEVCO; Equipment; Mining
0902 You and the Cape Breton Coal Industry 1968 Blackmore, Gerald P. Cape Breton Development Corporation; Coal; DEVCO; Mining
0903 Statement on Government Approval of DEVCO Program 1972 Marchand, Jean Cape Breton Development Corporation; Community economic development; DEVCO; Mining
0904 Mechanization in the Collieries of the Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation 1949 DOSCO; Engineering; Mining
0905 Mining with A-C Power in DOSCO Mines 1959 Laffin, J.J. DOSCO; Engineering; Equipment; Mining
0906 Major Engineering Projects at DEVCO 1974 DEVCO; Engineering; Mining
0907 The Sydney Coal Field: A Potentially Valuable Resource 1972 Brown, Alex Coal; DEVCO; Mines; Mining; Sydney coalfield
0908 The Introduction and Future of the Anderton Shearer in Cape Breton Collieries 1967 Terry, John E.; Sigut, George ; Mining Society of Nova Scotia DOMCO; Equipment; Mining
0909 Roof Control Problems in the Lingan Mine 1972 Grant, F Architecture; DEVCO; Lingan mine; Mining
0910 Geomathematical Prediction of Sulphur in Coal, New Lingan Mine Area, Sydney Coalfield 1973 Agterberg, F.P.; Chung, C.F. Lingan mine; Mining; Sydney coalfield; Technology
0911 Research and Community Development 1970 Arseneau, Donald F. Community economic development; Research
0912 Sydney Steel Industry 1961 Gordon, Crawford Steel; Sydney steel