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0393 Co-op Help Yourself: A Handbook for Co-operative Fishermen 1951 Prince Rupert Fishermen's Co-operative Association Cooperatives; Fisheries
0395 A white paper on research and co-operative development n.d. Co-operative Union of Canada, ; Baker, W.B. Cooperatives
0401 A Reconstruction Program for the Fishery 1944 Fisheries
0416 The Case Against Closing the Coal Mines 1960 Hogan, Andrew Coal; DOSCO; Mining
0419 Brief to Hon. Arthur Laing, Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development on Co-operatives for People of Native Ancestry 1967 Cooperatives; First Nations
0422 Why Not Co-op Housing? 1968 Laidlaw, A.F. Cooperatives; Housing
0435 Brief to the Prime Minister and Federal Cabinet on Behalf of Co-operatives in Canada 1966 Cooperatives
0436 The Antigonish Movement in Retrospect 1967 Laidlaw, A.F. Antigonish Movement; Cooperatives
0440 Sydney: The Development of the City 1960 Sales, Spence H. Economic development; History; Housing; Maps; Planning; Urban development
0442 Sydney's 175 Anniversary Week 1960 DOSCO; History; Sydney steel; Tourism
0451 Directory of Welfare and Social Services in Industrial Cape Breton 1970 Family services; Poverty
0480 Boundary Changes, Annexation, Amalgamation, Incorporation and Dissolution 1969 Amalgamation; Housing
0481 A Gravity Survey of the Scotian Shelf 1973 Goodacre, A.K.; Stephens, L.E.; Cooper, R.V. Geology
0483 Brief on Behalf of the Town of Westville to the Royal Commission on Coal 1959 Matheson, Alfred L. Coal; Mining
0484 A Brief on the Nova Scotia Coal Industry 1956 Coal; Mining
0484 A Brief on the Nova Scotia Coal Industry 1956 Rand Royal Commission on Coal Mines
0485 Independent Coal Operators of Nova Scotia: A Brief 1957 Coal; DOMCO; Mining
0486 The Royal Commission on Coal 1959 Rand, Ivan Coal; Mining
0487 Statement on Coal Consumption of Canadian National Railways for Presentation to Rand Coal Commission 1960 Coal; Mining; Railway networks
0495 The Sydney Harbour Crossing and Railway Grade Separation 1966 Infrastructure; Railway networks; Steel; Transport
0496 Some Facts and Comments re: the Nova Scotia Co-op Union 1970 Cooperatives; Unions
0512 Expansion Program 1970 Education
0524 Air Pollution as a Public Health Problem 1967 McCormack, Leo D. Environment; Pollution
0529 Brief Presented by the Canadian Council on Rural Development to the Special Senate Committee on Mass Media 1969 Espie, Tom Rural development
0544 Brief to the Royal Commission on the Coal Industry 1959 Coal; Government; Mining
0546 County Surveys: Brief Summary of Government at the Local Level in Cape Breton 1966 Government; Municipalities
0554 A Survey of the Fishing Industry in Eastern Nova Scotia 1919-1957 1960 Kontak, W.J.F.; LeBlanc, Arthur J. Fisheries
0573 The Wide and the Narrow: Some Thoughts on the Role of Co-operatives in the Urban Community 1968 Laidlaw, A.F. Cooperatives
0574 Implementation of Co-operative Education Programs 1967 Laidlaw, A.F. Cooperatives; Education
0575 Co-operatives and Development 1970 Laidlaw, A.F. Cooperatives
0580 School Enrollment Trends 1970 Education
0592 The Indian Today 1963 First Nations
0594 The Catholic Youth Study 1968 Campbell, Douglas F. Religion; Youth
0595 Directory of Cape Breton Social Agencies 1972 Social programs
0599 Housing for Low and Moderate Income Families 1972 Roach, William M. Housing; Poverty
0601 Industrial Cape Breton: Industrial and Commercial Information 1968 Economic development; History; Industrial development; Labour force
0602 Industrial Opportunity Study of Cape Breton 1966 Community economic development; Industrial development
0607 Study on Early Retired Miners 1971 Connor, Mary Coal; Miners; Mining
0612 The Economic Background for Industrial Development with Specific Reference to Industrial Cape Breton 1972 Gallivan, Brian M. DEVCO; Economic development; Industrial development
0621 Socio-Economic Survey Coke Oven's Area Ward 5 1972 African-Canadians; Community economic development; Housing; Socioeconomic data