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3352 "Floundering in Troubled Waters": The Political Economy of the Atlantic Fishery and the Task Force on Atlantic Fisheries 1983 Barrett, Gene ; Davis, Anthony Fisheries
1028 1925: Standing the Gaff in the Coal Mines 1971 Cameron, Silver Donald BESCO; Coal; Davis Day; Labour disputes; Miners; Mining; William Davis
5200 1971 Summer Shoreline Survey 1971 Young, John C. Beaches; Water
2766 1976 Spruce Budworm Infestation Current Status and Prospects 1976 Forestry; Trees
4221 1981-1982 Annual Report 1982 Mental Health Cape Breton, Mental health
5039 1990 Tourism Outlook Conference 1989 Blair, Don J. Tourism
2412 200 Mile Limit: Impact of Fisheries on the Sydney Ports 1978 Fisheries; Harbours; Oceans
1024 20th Anniversary: Sydney Co-operative Socities 1957 Cooperatives
1665 50 years 1906-1956 Town of Dominion, NS 1956 MacDonald, Joseph F. Dominion; History; Municipalities
1666 50 years: Town of Glace Bay, Nova Scotia 1901-1951 1951 McDonald, C.S. Glace Bay; History; Municipalities
3633 60 years of learning by doing: 1922-1982 1982 Agriculture; Farming
2542 A Brief History of Education in New Waterford 1979 Boutilier, Ted Education; History
3591 A Brief History of Mira Gut (1745-1977) 1977 MacDonald, Helen C. History
2735 A Brief History of the Town of Dominion and its Early Development 1981 Stephenson, Len History; Municipalities
0484 A Brief on the Nova Scotia Coal Industry 1956 Coal; Mining
0484 A Brief on the Nova Scotia Coal Industry 1956 Rand Royal Commission on Coal Mines
2982 A Brief Presented to the Education Assistance Committee, Province of Nova Scotia re Budget Reduction 1979 Sydney Board of School Commissioners Education; Finance
3689 A Brief to the Royal Commission on Post Secondary Education, Nova Scotia 1983 Jones, Pauline A. Education
4107 A brief to the study committee on the proposed: Community College System for Nova Scotia 1987 Reid, William M. Education; UCCB
3680 A Business Plan for the Funding of the Cape Breton Bicentennial Commission 1982 MacNeil, Kenzie ; Cape Breton Bicentennial Commission Business; History
5722 A Cape Breton Consensus on a Strategy for Renewal 1986 Community economic development; Economic development
4395 A capitalist's view to co-operatism: a report on the Mondragon experience 1987 Maxwell, Kurt Cooperatives
4038 A case for the VON in home care: a report 1976 Pickering, Edward A. Health; Health care
5028 A child care agenda for the 90's: putting the pieces together 1992 Canadian Day Care Advocacy Association Child care
5563 A Coal-Sulfur Model for Sydney Coalfield (upper carboniferous) 1991 Zodrow, Erwin L. Coal; UCCB
3153 A College Arboretum for the College of Cape Breton 1981 Trees; UCCB
5278 A Community Approach to Family Violence n.d. Community economic development; Family; Violence against women
3948 A community economic development strategy for the Department of Regional Economic Expansion 1981 Webb, Tom Community economic development
6194 A Community Profile of Lingan, River Ryan, Scotchtown, New Waterford, New Victoria and Victoria Mines 2000 Getto, Carl History; Lingan; Municipalities; New Victoria; New Waterford; River Ryan; Scotchtown; Victoria Mines
5749 A Community Response to Meeting the Housing Needs of the Rural Poor: A Case Study 1986 Housing
4635 A Compendium of the Sampling and Analytical Techniques Used by the Environmental Marine Geology Subdivision 1976 MacIntosh, Malcolm Geology; Oceans; Sciences
3895 A Conference on Automated Unemployment and Work of the Future 1986 St. Francis Xavier University Extension Department Community economic development; Unemployment
5784 A Contribution to the Economic Development of Cape Breton 1989 Cape Breton Labourers' Development Company, Economic development; Finance; Housing; Labour
2565 A Cost-Benefit Analysis of a Proposed Wildlife Park for Cape Breton County 1977 Community economic development; Parks
5532 A Critical Analysis of Community Development as an Economic, Social and Administrative Process n.d. Community economic development; Economic development
4355 A description of the facilities and operations of Sydney Steel Corporation 1985 Steel; Sydney steel; SYSCO
5675 A Detailed Review and Evaluation of Pre-Drainage Techniques and their Applicability to Canadian Coal Mines: Final Report 1988 Coal; Gas
5681 A Detailed Review of Gateroad Sealants to Reduce Gob Leakage in Advancing Longwall Sections in the Sydney Coalfields 1984 Coal; Sydney coalfield
4266 A discussion paper prepared for members of the Industrial Cape Breton Planning Committee Meetings 1974 Community economic development; Planning
5892 A Discussion Paper: Calculation of Benefits Under Section 45 1993 Labour; Policy