Songs, Stories and Drawings: what more could you want from Deep Cove, Cape Breton?

All this can be found in Songs & Stories from Deep Cove Cape Breton. The Bras d'Or Collection contains many different stories and songs about Cape Breton and other places; for example, one of the songs in this book is called "The City of Boston."

Stories about Cape Breton

Do you enjoy stories about Cape Breton Island? If so, you should take a look at Cape Breton Vignettes. There are three different kinds of stories included in its pages.

"One of the first things you learn, when you set out to be a storyteller, is that stories fall naturally into three groups - true stroies, not-true stories, and might-have-been true stories. There are samples of each type in these stories, presented first as brief radio talks" (4).


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